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@the_jasper_jane – 16 September 2021

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To Love a Body

TW: rape, trauma, all that stuff. I’m taking voice lessons. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s probably also the most painful, and I think that’s probably necessary. Yesterday I mentioned feeling disgusted with my own body. Not with how it looks, but with that it exists, with what it’s experienced, and with what… Continue Reading →

The Cabin

Sam *smack*Jake and I lean against the door of the cabin, panting and giggling. We had met at breakfast in the hostel yesterday. We immediately hit it off and had shared our backpacking experiences through Europe so far over some perfect slices of toast and a heavenly cup of coffee. If I’d like to partner… Continue Reading →


There are houses that are too big for just one person, and days that stretch on too long. Here I am, sat on the couch with my thoughts drifting off to nowhere, perhaps everywhere. When life’s overflowing with ideas, sometimes none of them take shape and the only remaining thought is the emptiness of abundance,… Continue Reading →

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