The Cabin


Jake and I lean against the door of the cabin, panting and giggling.

We had met at breakfast in the hostel yesterday. We immediately hit it off and had shared our backpacking experiences through Europe so far over some perfect slices of toast and a heavenly cup of coffee. If I’d like to partner up for a hike the next day? Heck yes!
After three hours of happy banter while trecking deep into the woods, we were caught by surprise by a heavy storm. We were rushing through the dense undergrowth, searching frantically for some kind of shelter, when I suddenly spotted the cabin in the distance, barely visible through the trees and heavy rainfall.

Water drips from my hair onto the floor. Not just from my hair, to be honest. We’re both thoroughly drenched.
“Seems empty”, I say, taking a look around the spacious room.
“Well kept though”, Jake adds in surprise.
He was right.
The cabin was abandoned alright, but it was furnished and seemed clean. A pile of dry firewood was sitting near the hearth.
“Do you think it’s okay if we wait out the weather here?” he asks.
“Nobody’s here. And I’m sure the owners will understand if we explain, should they come back. We can’t stay out in a storm like this…”
He nods in agreement.
“Can you get a fire going? I’m gonna look for towels or something..” I say, wringing more water from my hair.


It takes me a while, but I get a nice fire going.
“Sam?” I shout. I’m becoming more aware of the wet clothes clinging to my body and start getting desperate to get dry and warm again.
“In here!”
I walk into the kitchen area and see Sam bent over the table, towels draped on a chair next to her.
“Would you look at this!” She grins widely and hands over a note.

“To travelers: make yourselves at home”

“Wow. That’s nice! They must know people come through here a lot.”
“And look!” Sam points to the table where several bottles of wine sit next to a tower of plastic cups. “It’s like they want us to throw a party.”
I smile. “Guess we should make good use of the hospitality then.”
“Well, I’m gonna go change.” Sam disappears into the living area with a towel and throws me my backpack so I can use the kitchen as a changing room.

“Hey Jake? Do you happen to have a dry shirt or something left? My backpack is just soaked, along with everything in it…”
I look up to see Sam leaning in the doorway, wrapped in her towel. I throw her a big sweater.
“Good thing my backpack was better prepared for this than yours”, I tease.
She grins. “Just bring the wine, will you?”


Our clothes hung out to dry on several chairs and a table, we huddle up by the roaring fire, wine in hand. We’re sitting close together to warm up faster, the howling of the wind and clatter of the rain mingling with the crackle from the hearth.

“This is actually pretty nice.” I take a sip of wine.
“Yeah, I’m glad you came along, Sam.”
I look into Jake’s eyes. “It’s been fun so far”, I smile.
He doesn’t reply. He merely stares back at me, his eyes soft, the corners of his mouth inching upward.
I’d normally never make eye-contact for this long. It tends to get awkward. I feel strangely comfortable though. We sit, our faces inches from one another. I’m accutely aware of the heat of the fire on my bare legs. It might be my imagination, but it seems like we’re getting closer. Physically.
I put my hand on his chest.
“What are we doing?” I ask softly. It’s not an accusation. It’s not an attempt to get out of whatever this is turning into. I just want to make sure.
“I might like to kiss you.”
His breath tickles my lips. That’s how close we’re leaning into each other. He searches my eyes while he just lingers, right there, his fingers trailing my hand still resting on the cotton of his shirt. The sound of the storm melts away. There is only that crackle of fire and the echo of his softly spoken words as he waits for my approval.
“I might like that…” I whisper.
I close the gap between us, antagonizingly slowly. His other hand finds my cheekbone even before our lips melt together in a first featherlight kiss.
We last. We last so long. Not lip-locked  -it’s not that harsh- but we never stop touching. With his hand now on my back, mine at the nape of his neck, we pull each other in. My fingers trail his lashes, my lips fluttering after them. Our chests pressed together, my mind is fussy in a whirl of fingertips and velvet lips tracing kisses on jaws and earlobes and hairlines, to time and time again come back home to the other’s silent crevice. Neither of us moans. There’s only the intermittent hushes of breath slipping between the ridges from which so many words had been exchanged over these past two days.

His hands cup my shoulders as his mouth lowers onto my neck. I throw my head back so he can better reach that soft spot in the middle, right above the gap between my clavicles. My fingers are intertwined with his curls. He traces a hand down my side, planting slow, soft kisses along my collarbone.

He stops to look at me. I gaze breathlessly into his eyes, awe-struck. I have lost track of time. This delicate dance of fingers and faces seemed to have lasted a lifetime.

“Damn”, he mutters. I burst out laughing.
“I think that’s accurate commentary”, I grin while filling up our cups once more.

We throw some logs onto the fire and I make myself comfortable on the rug, resting my head on his legs. I let out a sigh when he kisses my forehead and relax, almost letting my cup of wine slip from my fingers. He gently strokes my stomach.
“I’m thoroughly enjoying this”, I mumble.
“Please.” I smile up at him.

He bends over. His teeth lightly scrape my bottom lip as they pull on it slowly, my toes curling up, hips slightly rising while his hand slips underneath the sweater and strokes the skin between my navel and sternum. I set down my wine to cup his face with both hands, one finds his hair again, the other traces his jaw. My tongue moves against his lips, begging to befriend his. They tip-toe around each other like cats on a first meeting. Touching, retracting, touching once more. His hand inches upwards, drawing lines along the sides of my ample breasts. I pull myself up and breathe his air for a second, our foreheads resting together. My eyes pierce his, fiercly, as if I want to transfer the fire now burning in them, but I can tell it’s hardly necessary. Jake has plenty of fire of his own.


She hungrily presses her lips against mine. Our kisses become deeper, more passionate. I devour her taste, drinking her in. Her chest heaves, not only because her breath has grown heavier. She pushes up to my fingers which keep teasing the flesh of her soft breasts, avoiding the buds now visibly hard underneath the fabric of the sweater. I rub my thumb over her nipple. Her body goes almost limp for second, sinking back against my arm holding her, as a satisfied moan escapes her. I grin against her lips.
“Oh, is  this what you wanted?” I pinch the hard little nub.
“That, and a lot more if you’re up for it..”
“Thought you’d never ask.”
She straddles me. Her hands find the hem of the sweater and she carefully takes it off. My hands rest on her hips. I can’t tear my eyes away from those gorgeous breasts, those nipples proudly standing out among the rosy areolas. Her hand guides my head down to her chest and I envelop her in my arms as I welcome a very erect nipple into the warm cavity of my mouth. My tongue teases around it, flicking up and down while I pay similar attention to the other with my fingers.


Jake’s expert treatment of my body is driving me mad. I’m overcome with a deep sensation of longing. I want to touch him. Feel him. Cover every inch of his body with my hands, my tongue. I feel a hot gush of desire rushing through me. The familiar throbbing sensation between my thighs. That warm, slippery feeling of growing arousel dripping from my very core. I rock my hips back and forth on the bulge in his boxers, well aware I’m leaving a wet stain. I can feel him getting harder.
“What do you want, Jake?” I pant into his ear. “Tell me what you want.”

My words seem to push him further to the edge. He pushes his hips up between my legs, his hand grabbing at the back of my neck as he sucks harder on my nipple. I continue to ride him, increasing the pressure.
“You can do whatever you want to me, Sam”, he moans.


I don’t want to ask for a blow job. It seems… callous.
She takes off my shirt and kneels between my legs. Her fingers knead into my sides, her tonge leaving a wet path along my chest, down to my stomach. Is she going there?
Her fingers play with the rim of my boxers as her mouth travels even further down. Oh god, she’s going there.
She looks up at me briefly.
“You don’t have to do…” I start.
She smiles warmly. “Don’t worry, I find it” She winks. “Unless you don’t want me to.”
She obviously knows I want her to.
She waits, a sly little smile playing on her lips.
“No, of course I want you to”, I reassure her.
“Want me to what now?”
She’s teasing me.
“You know.”
“Hmm, no. Don’t think I do.”
She sits up on her heels and takes a sip from her cup. Waiting. I’m almost afraid to say it, but I can tell she won’t give in unless I say the words she wants to hear.
“I want you to.. suck my dick..”
Her smile widens. She comes closer, not to my crotch, but to my ear.
“Beg me.”
My hint of awkwardness melts. No woman has ever spoken to me like this before, but I find it insanely attractive.
“Please..” I breathe.
“Please what?”
“Please wrap your luscious lips around my aching cock.”
“That’s better.”


I lie down on my stomach and plant a kiss on Jake’s bulge, inhaling the scent of my own wetness from the imprint left on his boxers. My nose rubs up along his shaft. I peel down his boxers, only far enough to free his head, already glistening. My lips hover around it, only milimeters removed. I kiss his hips, his pubic bone, carefully avoinding his cock, inching his boxers further down. I ease them off his legs and flick them into a corner of the room, taking my time to admire his erection. I don’t generally find penises very aesthetically pleasing, that’s not what they’re for either, but this was one beautiful dick. I reach for his balls, gently cupping them, playing around with them. He closes his eyes.
“I’d like it if you watch me while I worship this gorgeous piece of manhood.” My fingers close around his shaft, ever so lightly. I slowly ease my hand up and down, satisfied Jake had obliged and was now lustfully watching as I plant a wet kiss on his head, my tongue licking up the oozing precum. His cock feels amazingly smooth, like satin. I wrap my lips around him, just the head, softly circling my tongue around it, slowly flicking it back and forth across the fragile thread of skin attatching his throbbing head to the rock hard shaft. I hear him moan as I take him deeper into my mouth. Bobbing up and down slowly at first, my tongue meanwhile steadily licking along his shaft. I take him in completely. His cock fully burried in my throat, I inhale the musky scent of his pubic hair, before dragging my mouth all the way back up, swirling my tongue around his head, coating it with the salty taste of his precum. Giving my jaw a break, I lovingly suck his balls into my mouth, one by one, while my hand continues to pump his shaft.
“Come here.” He pants.


I pull Sam up into my lap and drown her in a deep kiss.
“You’re fucking amazing”
“But you weren’t done”, she pouts
I sit her down, her back to my chest.
“Let me return the favour for a bit first.”
She leans her head back onto my shoulder, my hands brushing her hair back from her chest. I take my time, caressing her arms, bringing them up to kiss the insides of her wrists. I weigh her breasts in my hands, inhaling the lingering smell of rain and burning wood in her hair. I massage down her sides, down to her thighs, peeling them apart. She starts eagerly squirming under my touch. Now it’s my turn.
“Tell me what you want, Sam.”
She immediately gets what I’m doing.
“Oh my god, really?” she groans.
I kiss her shoulder. “I think it’s only fair.”
“Well then, mister, I have here a soaking wet pussy, throbbing with anticipation for your fingers to make her happy.”
“Soaking wet, is it?”
“Would you.. like to check?” She opens her legs wider.
I trace my fingers through the trimmed hair on her mound.
“Don’t mind if I do.”
I work around, trailing my hands up her inner thigh to the crease of her groin. My fingers trace her outer labia. She twists and bends, grinding into my hands. I start playing with one nipple and slowly drag a finger along her slit.
“Damn, Sam..”
“That is.. accurate commentary..” she moans.
She’s dripping wet. My fingers slither up, finding the little bud that is the center of her pleasure.
“Upper left is where you want to be”, she advises. “And for the love of god, start light.”
I take her directions, feathering up and down the upper left part of her clit. “There?”
“Fuck yes, don’t stop.”
I keep a steady rhythm, every so often dipping down to her vagina to make sure my finger stays wet and slippery. I feel her clit growing under my touch. I take her cues, pressing harder going faster when she asks me to. She writhes underneath me, coiling like a snake. I keep pulling and pinching her nipples as I now rapidly move two fingers up and down her swollen clit. Her legs tense up, her hips rising as she presses back hard against me.
“Jake…”, she pants, “don’t stop.. Don’t you fucking stop..”
She’s on the edge. I kiss her neck hungrily, ferociously rubbing to push her over.
Her body trembles against mine. She cries out as her orgasm washes over her.


I limply sink back against Jake’s body. He hugs me tight, stroking me hair, kissing my cheek.
I start sobbing.
He’s instantly on high alert.
“Sam, are you okay?”
“Yes, sorry, this is fairly normal.” I heave between my tears.
“So nothing’s wrong?” He sounds concerned.
“No, no, don’t worry.” I lay my head back on his shoulder. “Release, is all. Thanks though, for asking.” I smile at him.
“You look really beautiful, you know that?” He kisses my lips sweetly.

I turn around and straddle him again so I can face him, the fire hissing softly in the background.
“I want you inside of me.” My tears fall onto his chest.
“Are you sure?”
I ease his mind with a long, tender kiss. I pour all my longing into it. It’s majestic and fragile, passionate and vulnerable. I ease myself onto him, feeling his cock inching further into me until I’m gloriously full, and he’s completely enveloped by that warm humidity inside of me. My head rests against his. Entwined in kisses, I rock slowly up and down, clenching around him, repeatedly drawing him back into me. I follow the pace of his breath, quickening, feeling him swell inside of me until he finally circles his arms around my hips, pressing me down into a final thrust of release.

“I might want to do this again sometime.”
“I might like that.”

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