Who Needs Orgasms Anyway

We’re like dark black and white

I see your skin contoured with silver

see your eyes gleam down into mine

My arms are cold when you grab my shoulders

I freeze more, turn away while

your eyes soften and your fingers relax

Your hand presses between my shoulder blades.

My chest softly brushes yours. Your arms wrap

around me, they radiate velvet warmth

My tears bleed onto your heart

You comb through my hair and my knees

buckle as I cling to your neck

We sink to the floor in slow motion

You pull me into your lap, carefully

fold me like a thin paper swan

Your hands cup my face, your lips

soak up the moisture on my cheeks

and gently feed it back to mine

I clamber further onto you,

wrap my legs around your hips

The sudden tension in your muscles betrays your caution and I

beg you. Beg you with my tongue, catch you

with my gaze, and I sink slowly down on you

My bones collapse like ruins around you, floods

crashing down. You anchor me,

cushion the blow, you help me ravage existence, help me

defy the times existence ravaged me

and we drift into dreams like

high contrast entangled limbs.

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